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16.11.2017Construction of VTU National Academy for Skill Development at Dandeli ( Hostels , Dining Block & External Development work )
20.11.2017Printing & Supply of Convocation Books & Rank Holder Books for 17th VTU Convocation-2018. to Exam Section of VTU.
17.11.2017Tender for Supply of Paper Cutting Machines to VTU Exam Section, Belagavi and VTU Regional Office, Bengaluru
10.11.2017Procurement & Supply of Gold Medals & Silver frames for 17th Convocation of VTU Belagavi.
10.11.2017Printing and Supply of “White Envelops, Plastic (YUPO) Folders required during Convocation – 2018 for Exam Section of VTU, Belagavi
30.10.2017 1 a) Replacement of drainage pipeline from B-2 quarters to septic tank of Rs 4,35, 000 /-
b) Repairs of Hostel Buildings ( Sanitary & water supply ) to boys Hostel and Girls hostel of 5,56,747/- &
c) Providing and drilling of 1 No. of Bore - well of Rs. 2,44,500 /- at VTU Regional Centre , Kalaburagi

2. Providing asphalting semi - dense bituminous concrete ( SDBC ) ,to internal road of VTU Regional Centre , Kalaburagi
11.10.2017 1) Construction of SC / ST Boys Hostel Building at VTU, " Jnana Sangama", Belagavi .
2) Construction of SC / ST Hostel Building at VTU Regional Centre , Kalaburagi [ A - Boys Hostel & B ) Girls Hostel ]
3 ) Construction of SC / ST Boys Hostel Building at VTU Regional Centre, Mysuru
4) Construction of SC / ST Hostel Building at VTU - UBDTCE ., Davangere [ A - Boys Hostel & B ) Girls hostel ]
07.10.2017Construction of RCC Precast , Panels & Columns Compound Wall at VIAT., Muddenahalli, Chikkaballapur District.
Construction of Compound wall of 8 Acres of land in Sy.No. 142/1B of UBDT ., College of Engineering, Davanagere
28.09.2017Procurement of Printing Stationery Materials to Examination Section VTU,Belagavi,on Annual Rate Contract basis
25.09.2017Printing & Supply of Annual Report Book(2015-16) to Academic Section of VTU
28.09.2017Tender for Supply of Brake Rollers and Pick Rollers for Fijitsu Fi-6670 Scanners to VTU Examination Section, Belagavi.
27.09.2017Providing & Supplying of Furniture to Academic Block at VTU - NASD ., Dandeli
25.09.2018Providing Man Power Services from Out Source Agencies to Examination Scanning work at VTU , "Jnana Sangama " , Belagavi & VTU Regional Centre , Bengaluru & Man Power workers to UBDTCE ., Davangere.
25.09.20171) Providing & Supplying of Steel Almirahs & File Racks to VTU P.G Centres at Belgavi, Mysuru and Kalaburagi.
2) Supplying , Installing , testing & commissioning of tubular batteries , 12 Volts, 150 AH for 25 KVA UPS in MBA / MCA Block, P.G. Centre @ VTU Regional Centre , Kalaburagi .
14.09.2017Printing and Supply of Degree Certificates to Examination Section VTU, Belagavi.
14.09.2017Tender for supply of 120 TB NAS with RAID configuration for backup with 100TB usable space and 30 TB NAS with RAID configuration for Disaster Recovery System backup to Examination Section, VTU, Belagavi
14.09.20171) Supplying ,installing , testing & commissioning of batteries to double conversion online UPS installed at VTU - NASD., Dandeli
2) Supplying ,Installing , testing & commissioning of 80 KVA double conversion online UPS to CNC Machines installed at VTU - NASD., Dandeli
3 ) Supplying & carrying out Networking works to Academic Block, VTU -NASD., Dandeli
06.09.2017 Tender Notification Invitation for Empanellment of Architects in K/C - 2 Format ( e-Procurement )
07.09.2017Printing and Supply of “Main Answer Booklets, (Multiple Colors)” CAED Booklets, Printout Sheets, Practical Supplementary Booklets & Practical Answer Booklets required to Examination Section VTU,Belagavi on Annual Rate Contract Basis.
31.08.20171) Providing, fixing, testing & commissioning of Pneumatic pipe works to workshop no1 at VTU - NASD., Dandeli
2) Providing ,Installing , testing & commissioning of compressor to workshop no1 at VTU - NASD., Dandeli

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