Frequently Asked Questions regarding sending documents to WES/NCEES/IQAS/Universities abroad

How are documents sent to WES?

Scanned copies of documents are sent to WES by a secure electronic transfer under an MoU with WES. Hard copies are not sent to WES.

How are documents sent to NCEES/IQAS/Universities abroad?

Scanned copies of documents are sent to NCEES/IQAS/Universities abroad by email from the official email address Soft copies are not digitally signed and transfer is not secure. Hard copies are sent to the recipient by SpeedPost in sealed envelope with signature of an officer of VTU.

Which documents are required to be sent to WES directly from VTU?

Only the Transcript is required to be sent directly to WES by VTU. WES accepts other documents, such as, copy of degree certificate and/or copies of marks/grade cards directly by student.

Which documents are required to be sent to NCEES/IQAS/Universities abroad directly from VTU?

List of documents to be sent to the above and similar institutions/organizations, directly from VTU, depends on the institution/organization. Check with the instructions from such organizations. You can send us a copy of such instructions to help us process your documents correctly.

What is WES Academic Records Request Form? Do other institutions/organizations have such forms?

WES ARRF contains details of the applicant, such as, name, degree completed, USN etc. It also contains the WES Reference Number assigned by WES to the applicant. But most importantly, it has a space where Registrar (Evaluation), VTU affixes his signature to confirm that it was sent from VTU. Always include this form.
NCEES/IQAS and some Universities also issue such forms, although they may be called by a different name. But essentially they serve the same purpose.

Can I request VTU to send the documents by a different courier instead of SpeedPost ?

At present, documents are sent to NCEES/IQAS/Universities abroad only by SpeedPost. Electronic copies can be sent by email to specified email ID if requested by applicant.

Reverification request of my documents received by WES is pending with VTU. What should I do?

WES requests for reverification of some, not all, documents received by them from VTU documents that are sent by post/courier. If reverification of your docment is pending with VTU, send an email with your details to However, reverification is not required for documents sent by secure electronic transfer which was started from 5-5-2020.

Can I send my application for issue of documents to VTU by email ?

VTU accepts applications for issue of the following documents by email.See the Notification dated 5-5-2020 for detailed instructions.

  1. Official Transcripts and attested documents to be sent to WES/NCEES/IQAS/University abroad
  2. Semesterwise Consolidated Marks Card (CMC) – Applicable to Non CBCS students only
  3. All semester single Consolidated Statement of Marks (CSM) – Applicable to Non CBCS students only
  4. Provisional Degree Certificate (PDC)
  5. Medium of Instruction certificate
How are applications sent by email processed by VTU ?

Applications received by email are verified for accuracy and completeness. Inaccurate and incomplete applications are rejected and applicant is informed by email. Accepted applications are printed and processed just as applications received by post/courier.

Why does VTU accept applications by email for issue of only 5 selected documents and not all documents?

Issue of certain documents requires verification of original documents, such as Affidavit and FIR in case of issue of duplicate documents. Such applications must be sent by post/courier as original documents must be verified by VTU.