Application by VTU Students to WES for Credential Evaluation

World Education Services Inc.(WES) offers Credential Evaluation services to which many VTU students apply. Here is some useful information and some helpful tips for VTU students applying to WES for evaluation of their educational credentials:

  • WES requires that Transcripts of students be sent directly by VTU to WES. Transcripts sent by students to WES are not accepted.
  • WES does not require attested copies of Degree Certificate/Provisional Degree Certificate (PDC) to be sent to WES directly by VTU. However, if applicants wish to send these attested documents directly from VTU to WES, copies of these documents must be sent to VTU for attestation along with the prescribed fee for attestation.
  • Students can apply by email to VTU to send their educational credentials directly to WES.
  • VTU sends documents to WES by secure electronic transfer. Once the transfer is complete, students will receive an email from WES.
Components of Application

 A. Necessary components of application

i. Filled and signed VTU Application form in PDF format.
ii. WES Academic records Request Form in PDF format.
iii. e-Receipt for State Bank Collect Payment for the required fee in PDF format.

B. Optional components of application

i. Scanned copy of Degree Certificate (or Provisional Degree certificate if Degree Certificate is
not yet issued) in PDF format.
ii. Scanned copies of marks/grade cards in PDF format.


 A. Fixed component of fee

i.  500 – Transcript.

ii. 1,500 – Processing fee.

B. Optional component of fee

i.  300 – Attestation of degree certificate/PDC.

ii.  300 – Attestation of 1 to 9 marks/grade cards.
600 – Attestation of 10 or more marks/grade cards.

Steps to Apply for WES Credential Evaluation

Follow these steps to apply to VTU to send your educational credentials to WES directly from VTU:

  1. Download the application.
  2. Fill and sign the application form. Scan it to PDF format (use mobile apps such as CamScanner to generate properly cropped, deskewed PDF files).
  3. Fill and sign the WES Academic records Request Form to PDF format.
  4. If needed, scan your degree certificate and marks/grade cards to PDF format.
  5. Calculate the required fee to be paid. Fixed component: 500 (Transcript) +  1,500 (processing fee). Optional component: 300 (attestation of degree certificate) 300 or 600 (attestation of 1-9 or more than 10 marks/grade cards).
  6. Pay the prescribed fees online through State Bank Collect payment link. Download the e-Receipt for State Bank Collect Payment and note down the SB Collect Reference Number for your future reference.
  7. Send the scanned application, WES Academic Records Request Form and additional documents such as copy of Degree Certificate (or PDC) and Marks Cards/Grade Cards, along with SB Collect payment e-Receipt to VTU as by email as per instructions below.
Instructions to send application by email (Notification dated 5-5-2020)
  1. Subject line must contain your USN (only the USN and nothing other than USN)
  2. Body of the email must contain exactly 4 lines, no empty lines before and after the required 4 lines. The four lines must contain the following information:
    1. e-Receipt SB Collect payment ID (and nothing else)
    2. Amount (and nothing else. No need to write Rs., Amount: Rs. etc.)
    3. Your mobile number (and nothing else. No need to write Mobile: etc.)
    4. Documents applied for. For example: Transcript or Transcript+DC Attestation
  3. Attach all necessary components of the application as specified above. If possible, combine all individual components into a single file.
  4. Check that all information has been typed correctly and as per instructions in (1) and (2) above.
  5. Check that all required PDF files have been attached
  6. Email the application to
  7. Don’t mark a copy to any other VTU email ID
Primary Reasons for Applications being Rejected
  1. Not attaching scanned copy of application form, incomplete application form and/or unsigned application form.
  2. Not attaching filled and signed copy of your WES Academic Records Request Form.
  3. Not attaching copy of the e-Receipt of SB Collect payment.
  4. Attaching copy of degree certificate/marks card/grade card but not including the attestation fee or paying attestation fee but not attaching copy of degree certificate/marks card/grade card.
  5. Not following instructions for furnishing information in the email, such as, USN, SB Collect payment number, Amount, Mobile number and document applied for.
  6. Incorrect fee payment.
The Registrar (Evaluation)

Visvesvaraya Technological University,
“Jnana Sangama”, Belgaum – 590 018.

Phone: 0831-2405479