List of document to be submitted for Ph.D. Equivalence

  1. Under Graduate Degree Certificate
  2. Post Graduate Degree Certificate
  3. UGC and Concerned State Government Notifications for establishment of University
  4. UGC notification for recognition of University under section 2(f) of UGC Act
  5. List of courses approved by UGC for Ph.D. Programmes (in case of Deemed to be Universities)
  6. Ph.D. Regulations and Handbook of University
  7. Compliance of UGC regulations : UGC (Minimum Standards & procedure for awards of M.Phil. / Ph.D. Degree) Regulation, 2009
  8. Date of Registration to Ph.D.
  9. Admission procedure to Ph.D. (Is it through Written Entrance Test and/or followed by presentation about research proposal ? )
  10. Type of Registration (Part Time / Full Time)
  11. Number of courses (Course work) studied as part of Ph.D. Programme
  12. Course work details with scheme and syllabus
  13. Pre-Ph.D. Comprehensive Viva details (date of Viva, details of examiners, University notification regarding the comprehensive viva result )
  14. Copy of half yearly progress reports submitted to the University
  15. No. of journal Publications and copy of Publications
  16. Plagiarism Software used for Ph.D. Thesis evaluation and Plagiarism Report of Thesis
  17. Procedure for identifying the Examiners for Ph.D. Thesis evaluation; if referred to foreign referees, give details.
  18. Comments received by the examiners about thesis and the follow up action by Research Scholar and guide
  19. Notification of Ph.D. viva by University and type of defense (open or closed)
  20. Date of Award of Ph.D.
  21. Attested photocopy of Degree Certificate issued by the University
  22. If studied abroad, copy of passport, visa details, proof of Registration to Ph.D and proof of stay in the foreign country (Attested copies of passport and visa etc..), and
  23. Experience/ working Certificates

Please Note :

  1. Credentials obtained on distance education mode / external mode will not be considered.
  2. The candidate shall fulfill the minimum academic eligibility as notified by VTU
  3. Clearance with respect to recognition of foreign University from Association of Indian Universities New Delhi, is mandatory for credentials obtained in foreign universities
  4. The Committee may ask for submission of other documents, if required.
  5. Non – Refundable processing fee: Rs. 10,000/-