Dr Ravindra R Malagi

Rs. 20 Lakhs from VGST- K-FIST Level I.

Rs. 1 Lakh from Council of Scientific and Industrial Research for International Conference.

Rs . 50,000 from Software Technology park of India for International Conference.

Dr G S Venkatesh

Rs. 40 Lakhs from VGST- K-FIST Level II.

Rs. 74 Lakhs from TEQIP for Establishing Centre of Excellence in Light Weight Material Manufacturing & Testing at Department of Mechanical Engineering, VTU Muddenahalli. 

Mr Narayanaswamy G

Rs. 11 Lakhs from DST- FIST.

Dr. Mallikarjunayya C Math

 Rs. 20 Lakhs from VGST- K-FIST Level I.

Rs. 2 Lakhs from Ministry of Non Conventional Energy Sources,  Govt. of India,  New Delhi for conference

Dr. Ashwin C. Gowda

Rs. 4.5 Cr from AICTE for AICTE-IDEA Lab at VTU Muddenhalli.