Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Documents Issued by Examination Section

General Questions Pertaining to Issue of Documents

Where is the list of documents issued by VTU ?

How should I communicate to help VTU process my queries effectively ?

Single most helpful step is to include your USN prominently in any communication with VTU. It could be the email subject line or Subject in your letter. Additional useful information varies with the category of inquiry and may include one or more of i) month and year of graduation ii) Reference to previous communications with VTU.


Sending Applications to VTU for Issue of Documents

To which address should I send my applications ?

Applications must be sent to the following address:

Registrar (Evaluation)
Visvesvaraya Technological University
“Jnana Sangama
BELAGAVI 590018.

Can I send my application for issue of documents to VTU by email ?

VTU accepts applications for issue of the following documents by email. See the Notification dated 5-5-2020 for detailed instructions.

1. Official Transcripts and attested documents to be sent to applicant or to WES/NCEES/IQAS/University abroad
2. Semesterwise Consolidated Marks Card (CMC) – Applicable to Non CBCS students only
3. All semester single Consolidated Statement of Marks (CSM) – Applicable to Non CBCS students only
4. Provisional Degree Certificate (PDC)
5. Medium of Instruction certificate

What is the fee to be paid ?

Fee to be paid for issue of each document is clearly mentioned in respective application form. Applicant must calculate the correct fee by referring to the respective application form .

How should fees be paid ?

Fees must be paid online through SB Collect payment link. Steps in making online payment are as follows:

  1. Visit VTU Examination Documents page.
  2. Click on the SBI Logo displayed at the right side of the page.
  3. On the SB Collect web page, select the checkbox to accept the Terms and conditions.
  4. Click on the Proceed button.
  5. On the next page, on the Select Payment Category drop down, select F-FEES TO BE PAID BY STUDENT-EXAMINATION.
  6. On the next page, enter the calculated fee amount in front of the document for which application is being made.
  7. Make the payment through credit card, debit card or net banking.
  8. After successful payment, download the e-Receipt of SB Collect payment in PDF format. Note down the SB Collect Reference Number for future reference. If sending the application by post/courier, obtain a print of the e-Receipt.
  9. Attach the e-Receipt with your application, in PDF format when sending application by email and in print format when sending by post/courier.

Why does VTU accept applications by email for issue of only 5 selected documents and not all documents ?

Issue of certain documents requires verification of original documents, such as Affidavit and FIR in case of issue of duplicate documents. Such applications must be sent by post/courier as original documents must be verified by VTU

What are the common mistakes made while sending applications by email ?

Common mistakes made when sending applications by email are:

1. Sending an application for documents other than those for which email applications are accepted, namely, Official Transcript, Transcripts to WES/IQAS/NCEES/Universities, CSM, CMC and PDC
2. Applications by email are accepted only from UG and PG students. Applications from research candidates (Ph.D., M.Sc. (Engg.) by Research) must be sent by post/courier
3. Not following instructions in the Notification dated 5-5-2020
4. Writing unnecessary information in addition to the required information. For example, not writing the USN in the subject line. Writing empty lines in the body of the email. Writing unnecessary lines such as “Thanking you” etc.

How are applications sent by email processed by VTU ?

Applications received by email are verified for accuracy and completeness. Inaccurate and incomplete applications are rejected and applicant is informed by email. Accepted applications are printed and processed just as applications received by post/courier.


Official Transcript

Why does my Transcript not contain my 8th/7th/... Semester marks/grades ?

Your Transcript may not include results of all semesters attended by you for one of the following reasons:

1. Transcript displays the results only up to the semester up to which student has passed in all subjects/courses. Results of the semester in which you have a backlog, and all subsequent semesters (even if you have passed in all subjects of subsequent semesters) will not appear on the Transcript.
2. Results of the most recent examination will not appear in the Transcript immediately after announcement of results. Results of most recent examination will appear on the Transcript only after revaluation results of that exam are announced.

How are Transcripts sent to students ?

Transcripts are sent to students in a sealed envelope (one Transcript per envelope) with signature of a VTU official on the envelope. Student can submit the sealed envelope to any one who wishes to receive the Transcript.

Why are Transcripts sent in sealed and signed envelopes ?

This is done in order to assure the recipient of the document that the Transcript is genuine. Most documents issued by Examination Section are issued only once and are printed on stationery with several security features. In case of loss of the document, VTU will only issue a duplicate of the document. But Transcript is one document which has no limitation on the number. However, it is not printed on special stationery with security features. Because of the lack of security features, they are sent in sealed envelope with signature of a VTU official to guarantee the genuineness of the document.


Sending Documents to WES/IQAS/NCEES/Universities

What are the common mistakes made by applicants wishing to send documents to WES/IQAS/NCEES/Universities abroad ?

Some common mistakes made by applicants are:

1. Not attaching WES Academic Records Request Form or Transcript Release Form
2. Attaching documents (copies of degree certificate and/or marks/grade cards) to be attested but not paying the corresponding attestation fees
3. Paying fees for attestation of documents (copies of degree certificate and/or marks/grade cards) but not attaching copies of documents
4. Not mentioning email address of University admissions office to which documents are to be sent

How are documents sent to WES ?

Scanned copies of documents are sent to WES by a secure electronic transfer under an MoU with WES. Hard copies are not sent to WES.

Which documents are required to be sent to WES directly from VTU ?

Only the Transcript is required to be sent directly to WES by VTU. WES accepts other documents, such as, copy of degree certificate and/or copies of marks/grade cards directly by student.

How are documents sent to NCEES/IQAS/Universities abroad ?

Scanned copies of documents are sent to NCEES/IQAS/Universities abroad by email from the official email address Hard copies are sent to the recipient by SpeedPost in sealed envelope with signature of an officer of VTU. Soft copies are not digitally signed and electronic transfer is not secure, due to which some organizations do not accept unsigned documents sent by email.

Which documents are required to be sent to NCEES/IQAS/Universities abroad directly from VTU ?

List of documents to be sent to the above and similar institutions/organizations, directly from VTU, depends on the institution/organization. Check the instructions from such organizations. You can send us a copy of such instructions to help us process your documents correctly.

What is an Academic Records Request Form (WES)/Transcript Request Form (NCEES)? Do other institutions/organizations have such forms ?

WES ARRF or NCEES Transcript Request Form contain details of the applicant, such as, name, degree completed, USN etc. It also contains the WES/NCEES Reference Number assigned by WES/NCEES to the applicant. Most importantly, it has a space where Registrar (Evaluation), VTU affixes his signature to confirm that it was sent from VTU. Always include this form.
IQAS and some Universities also issue such forms, although they may be called by a different name. But essentially they serve the same purpose.

Reverification request of my documents received by WES is pending with VTU. What should I do ?

WES requests for reverification of some applicants, not all, documents received by them from VTU documents that are sent by post/courier. If reverification of your docment is pending with VTU, send an email with your details to However, reverification is not required for documents sent by secure electronic transfer which was started from 5-5-2020.

Can I request VTU to send the documents by a different courier instead of Speed Post ?

At present, documents are sent to addresses outside India only by Speed Post. Electronic copies can be sent by email to specified email ID if requested by applicant.


Degree Certificate

To whom is a degree certificate issued ?

Degree certificate is issued to those UG and PG students, of both non-autonomous and autonomous colleges, who have completed all requirements for the award of their respective degree. However, Degree certificates of students of autonomous colleges will include the name of the college. Degree certificate is also issued to research students, Ph.D. and M.Sc. (Engg.) by Research.

When is the degree certificate issued ?

Degree certificate is issued on the day of the Convocation. Convocation is held once a year. Students who complete the degree in the two examinations held since the previous Convocation, usually in January and July of the preceding year, are awarded the degree certificate during the Convocation. As an example, students who completed their degree in the examinations held in January 2019 and July 2019 were awarded the degree during the Convocation held on 8-2-2020.

Can I get another copy to replace the degree certificate that I lost ?

Degree certificate has a unique number and several security features. It is issued only once. In case of loss, the only option is to apply for a duplicate degree certificate. You can download the application form here. Application form contains complete instructions and fee details. Application for duplicate degree certificate must be sent by post/courier and will not be accepted by email

When should I apply for Convocation degree certificate ?

Students usually fill and submit the Convocation Application form during their final semester in college and submit through their respective college. However, if a student does not submit the Convocation Application form while in college, they can download the application form from here. However, they must obtain a signature on the photograph and also on the second page from their Principal (if possible) or from a gazetted officer. Application form contains the complete instructions and fee details. The Convocation Application must be sent by post/courier, it will not be accepted by email.

How and when is my degree certificate sent ?

Degree certificate is sent by post directly to the student after the Convocation. It is sent to the address specified on the Convocation Application form submitted by the student through the college, usually during the final semester. It is sent over a period of about 4 weeks, collegewise, starting about 2 weeks after the Convocation. Due to the large number of degree certificates that are dispatched, it takes almost a month to dispatch all degree certificates. It can be handed to student in special cases after verification of proof of identity.

What should I do if I have still not received my degree certificate long after the Convocation ?

Sometimes, due to incorrect address or several other reasons, degree certificates are returned to VTU as undelivered. Students can contact VTU Exam Section to verify in case they have not received their degree certificate within 30-45 days of convocation. After confirming that their degree certificate is returned to VTU, students can write a request letter stating their current address along with a postage fee of 200 (1,500 for addresses outside India) to receive degree certificate that is returned to VTU. Postage fee must be paid online and payment receipt attached along with the request letter.

Can I get my degree certificate attested by VTU ?

Original or photocopy of the Degree certificate can be verified and attested by VTU. You can download the application form from here and send it along with the prescribed fee as specified in the application .


Provisional Degree Certificate

Why is my application for PDC turned down ?

Provisional Degree Certificate (PDC) is a provisional certificate issued in the interim period between completion of degree and the next convocation when the degree certificate is awarded. There can be the following reasons why a PDC cannot be issued:
1. PDC is issued only to the students who have successfully completed all the subjects, including           i) Additional subjects (in case of change of scheme), ii) Mandatory credit/non-credit courses and bridge courses.
2. PDC is issued only to the students who complete their degree in the two exams preceding the convocation. If a student has completed the degree before the most recent convocation, PDC cannot be issued to him/her. As an example, students who completed their degree in Jan 2019 exam and July 2019 exam can apply for PDC until the convocation is held in 2020. These students cannot apply for PDC after the 2020 convocation because their degree certificate would already be printed and sent to them.
3. PDC cannot be issued if student has applied for revaluation and revaluation results are pending


Medium of Instruction Certificate

I want a certificate indicating the years of my course, duration of my course, etc. What should I do ?

If the certificate you require does not fit into the format of the “Medium of Instruction” certificate, you can apply for a Medium of Instruction certificate, pay the requisite fee and attach a letter containing the additional information that has to be put into the Medium of Instruction certificate. We will verify the additional matter, and if found correct and is a fit matter to be included, Medium of Instruction will be prepared with the additional information. If any additional matter cannot be included, for any reason, the application will be turned down and the same will be intimated to the applicant.

What information does Medium of Instruction certificate contain ?

Medium of Instruction certificate mentions the name and USN of student, the college attended, academic program attended and the medium of instruction. It will not contain details such as years attended, number of years for completion of degree etc.


Attestation and Verification of Genuineness of Documents issued by VTU

What is the difference between Attestation and Verification ?

Attestation is when student submits copies of documents issued by VTU directly to Registrar (Evaluation) and after verification, the documents are attested, placed in sealed envelope, signature of a VTU official is placed on the sealed envelope and sent back to student. Student in turn, can send the sealed envelope to a University/employer etc. himself/herself.

Verification is when student submits original/copy of document issued by VTU to an employer/embassy/immigration service. They in turn send documents, of one or more student, for verification by VTU. In such case, the verification fee is paid by the agency originating the request (they may pass on that fee to student). VTU then verifies the documents and replies to the agency which originates the request (not to the student). Original/copy of document are returned to the agnecy originating the request.


Name Correction and Change of Name

What is the difference between Name Correction and Change of Name ?

Name correction is a correction applied to the name of student printed on documents issued by VTU Exam Section (such as marks/grade cards, degree certificate etc.) to match the name as on Class 10 marks card of student. Change of name is a legal procedure to change ones name and is done through courts by way of decree. If a student has completed the legal change of name procedure, student can apply to the University with the legal documents to the Registrar, VTU Belagavi for the change of name in the University records. After receipt of letter approving the change of name from the Registrar, VTU, student may submit his/her application along with the copy of the legal document and approval given by the Registrar, to the Registrar (Evaluation), VTU to replace his/her previous documents with new ones reflecting the changed name.

What is the importance of correctness of name on educational documents ?

Having the same name, in the same order, in all educational documents from Class 10 up to the last degree earned is important for several reasons:

  1. While issuing passports, the consistence in name on educational records is important.
  2. Inconsistence in the name on different educational records may result in delay or rejection of visas or immigration.

Why should I pay a fee for name correction ?

University collects details of students at the time of admission based on which USNs are generated. Before printing the marks/grade crads of 1st Sem, University informs colleges to permit correction to names that might have been entered wrongly at the time of admission. Correct name is the name as it appears in the Class 10 marks card of the student. If a student notices an error in the name as displayed by the VTU database, student can request for a one time name correction free of any charges. If a student does not notice the mistake at that time and approaches the University for name correction, it requires the necessary fees to be paid.

How can I avoid having to apply for name correction ?

To avoid approaching University at the last moment requesting for name correction, the important steps to be taken are diligence, awareness and alertness

  1. Enter the data into VTU resume entry portal at the time of admission with great care, verify the data entered by asking for a print out of the data entered and asking for corrections immediately.
  2. Be aware that University notifies students to verify the correctness of their name as entered into the student profile database sometime in the 2nd Sem before printing the grade cards of 1st Sem.
  3. If you find that your name is incorrectly entered into the student profile database, request for a correction and obtain an acknowledgement for your request.


Replacing lost documents

I have lost my original document (degree certificate, marks card, grade card etc.). What should I do ?

You can apply for issue of a duplicate document in place of a lost document. You can download the application form corresponding to the lost document. Application form contains complete instructions and the corresponding fees. Filled and signed application along with specified documents must be sent by post/courier, this application will not be accepted by email.

What is the procedure to apply for a duplicate document ?

To apply for a duplicate document send the following, in original, by post/courier (not by email) to the Registrar (Evaluation):

  1. Completely filled and signed application form downloaded from here
  2. Original acknowledgement of complaint/FIR lodged with the Police having jurisdiction over the area where the document was lost.
  3. Original Affidavit on stamp paper of  20, mentioning the details of USN, Name, Semester, Month and Year of Examination of the Marks cards/Degree Certificate that was lost and requesting the concerned authority for the issue of DUPLICATE of the same. If original is found at later date of issue of duplicate it should be returned to VTU.
  4. Print of e-Receipt of fee paid online through SB Collect

If I find the original document after obtaining a duplicate, can I use the original ?

Once you have obtained a duplicate in place of a lost document, always use the duplicate document. If the original document is found, return it to VTU. Do not use the found original document once it has been replaced by a duplicate because of the following reasons:

  1. When a document is replaced by a duplicate, the original is marked as lost in the VTU database. The data of the duplicate document is entered into the database.
  2. If a document that is marked as lost is sent to VTU for verification, it will be reported as lost and therefore not genuine

My documents were lost when I was staying abroad. What should I do ?

Obtain the equivalents of the Indian documents issued by the local authorities. Foreign countries also have the procedure of accepting complaints about lost documents and do issue an acknowledgement. Foreign countries do have a system of affidavits or an equivalent. If the affidavit is not in English, you will have to furnish an official English translation. An affidavit is an undertaking sworn in front of a legal official stating that the contents of the affidavit are true. Once these two documents are obtained, rest of the procedure is same as above.


Replacing damaged documents

My document is not lost, but it is damaged. Can it be replaced ?

A damaged document can be replaced with a fresh document upon a written request and payment of specified fees. The damaged document must be returned in order to obtain a fresh document. Note: Damaged document must have one or more distinct features clearly discernible in order to verify that it is a genuine document that is being returned. Distinct feature include one or more of the unique serial number of the document, name of student, USN of student.