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Pursuant to the recommendations of the Education Commission (1964-66) and with the intention to grant autonomy to eligible engineering colleges in Karnataka under Visvesvaraya Technological University, Belgaum the “Visvesvaraya Technological University Autonomous College Statute, 2006” was framed under Section 43(a) (amendment 2006) of the Visvesvaraya Technological University Act (1994) of Karnataka. The same was assented to by Hon`ble. Governor of Karnataka on 15/12/2007.


Objective of the Statute
To Grant autonomy provisionally to eligible engineering colleges with the concurrence of the Government of Karnataka and the University Grants Commission, New Delhi whereby.
The colleges have academic freedom which includes framing their own schemes of study, curricula and student evaluation. The colleges can revise their curricula as and when it is called for. This enables the colleges to modernize their curricula continuously which helps the students to get good and quick placements.
The colleges can included add on courses during vacation.
The colleges can conduct special supplementary semesters for weak students.
They can have better interactions with local industries.
There will be healthy competition among autonomous colleges to excel.
The colleges can avail grants from funding agencies for development,
Applications are invited for grant of autonomy from Engineering Colleges which satisfy criteria for eligibility for grant of autonomy along with supporting documents and are placed before the `Standing Committee for Grant of Autonomous Status` constituted as per the statute.
The recommendations of the Standing Committee are placed before the Executive Council of the University for Consideration and approval.
The list of engineering colleges approved for grant of autonomy is sent to the Government for their concurrence.
On receipt of the concurrence of the Government for grant of autonomy a notification is issued by the University notifying provisional grant of autonomy to those colleges which have received the concurrence of the Government.

The colleges have to apply to the University Grants Commission for concurrence to grant of autonomy to them. Upon receipt of concurrence of the UGC the grant of autonomy is confirmed by the University.

Criteria for eligibility for grant of autonomy

For an engineering college to be eligible to apply for grant of autonomy separately for under graduate and post graduate programs, following conditions have to be met by the college.

(i) 80% of the total number of programs in respective categories (UG/PG) should be having permanent affiliation.

(ii) Number of programs not eligible for permanent affiliation as a per ceutage of the sum of eligible and non eligible programs must be less then 20% in each category (UG/PG).


Governance and Functioning of autonomous colleges

Governance of autonomous Colleges is carried out as per statute and `Guidelines for Implementation of Autonomy`. Governing Body of the autonomous college, among others, has a nominee of the University. It lays down policies and procedures for Governance of the college carried out through the principal of the college.


Academic Council

It is the apex academic body of the college responsible for approval of schemes of study, syllabi, examinations and evaluation methods, declaration of results, recommendation of candidates to the University for award of degrees etc. it has a nominee of the University.


Boards of Study

The college constitutes different Boards of Study for different branches of engineering. The BOS’s are responsible for framing of schemes of study and detailed curricula, academic rules etc. the BOS’s have a University nominee each.

Other bodies like Finance Committee, Recruitment Committee help in administration of the college.


Guidelines for Implementation of Autonomy

A `Guidelines Committee for Implementation of Autonomy` is constituted by the University. This committee, in consultation with the principals of the autonomous colleges, has evolved a set of Guidelines for systematic implementation of autonomy. Copies of Guidelines are sent to all autonomous colleges. Guidelines Committee meets from time to time to discuss any problems that arise in implementing autonomy and for issuing guidance for overcoming the same.


Performance Evaluation of autonomous College

The statute prescribes two external evaluation of performance of autonomous colleges: one at the end of three years of autonomy and another at the end of five years of autonomy. The latter determines continuation or otherwise of the autonomous status of a college.

As of August 2008, fourteen engineering colleges have been granted the autonomous status for UG or UG & PG programs. Three colleges have applied for grant of autonomy to their UG/PG programs. The same are under process.
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