VC’s Message

“Intelligence plus character-that is the goal of true Education.”
– Martin Luther King.Jr

Hon’ble Vice Chancellor Dr.Karisiddappa

Our hard-won reputation, as a Premier Technological University in the country, carries with it responsibility as well as opportunity. We must continue to encourage student-faculty interactions. We must also be responsible for our actions and behave accordingly, People look upto us to lead from the front and we must not disappoint them. We shall contribute to the society through the pursuit of education, learning, research and innovations at the highest levels of excellence.

There must be an aspiration to excel and serve the society, and there must be the measuring standards for the future. We as a university must excel and should be the standards by which the society would be measured. We have the freedom, based on our excellence and reputation, to be the leading pioneers in the field of technical education and research.

A high level of research knowledge is necessary in many academic disciplines but it is not all that easy. We, as a collective group must strive and work hard towards achieving these goals which will be put forth by ourselves. We shall set goals and achieve them with the highest quality.

There must be an understanding of the system in place. The faculty are here to help the students for their all round progress. Faculty must become facilitators to the students. The parents must understand the strength and weaknesses of their wards and help them, in achieving their academic goals and take up a profession of their choice and passion. The students should also understand that the rules and regulations are put in a place to help the students in achieving their dreams to become a successful professional individuals.

This is just the beginning to an uphill task in front of us. We will take the positives and start working towards a better future for all of us. There will be tough times and there will be easier ones, but we will work hard without any regrets, and we shall be victorious. I strongly believe in team work. Let us work with utmost sincerity and thoughtfully.